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Standard Based Grading

This is the time of the year were you start getting nervous, specially when you just switch schools. I’ve been dreaming about all the different things I want my students to learn budding the first few weeks of school, and one of these days will be dedicated the how I grade in the classroom. See, […]

Bilingual Education

I am still looking for more research that supports bilingual education and its benefits to learn mathematics. I liked this report from PBS,  

Math mistakes posters

I also though about ” Mistakes are required after this point” or ” Making mistakes is the first step for greatness” anyhow, I am very excited to teach the growth mind approach to learn mathematics next year!!

Math Mistakes

This is one keynote I created for my summer class

Ok, here I go!

Ok, here I go. As I started creating this blog, I went back and for, on whether I should write it in English or in Spanish. Well I think I’ll do it in both. So, don’t be surprised when you see a post in Spanish.  After all, this year, I’ll be teaching mathematics in Spanish […]